School of Business & Law
International Conference 2021

Theme: "Growth Opportunity for Businesses - Survive the Pandemic and Prepare for What is Next".

Sub-Theme: "Business Resilience and Reinvention: Overcoming Pandemics and Challenges".

Examples of Topics you can choose for the Conference:
  • Earnings management and its significant perspectives.
  • The most effective ways, in which organizations reduce taxes.
  • Accounting information for managers: How to make the correct decisions?
  • Effective measures to escape financial fraud.
  • What role is given to forensic accountants?
  • How to conduct a forensic accounting investigation?
  • Effects of Moral Principles on Business Decisions
  • Causes of Unethical Conducts in Workplaces
  • Should Businesses Be Honest with their Customers All the Time?
  • The Psychology and History of Business Ethics
  • Examples of Moral Judgment that Doesn't Work in Business
  • How Ethical Mistakes can Lead to Business Bankruptcy
  • Why is an Ethical Code Important for Companies?
  • Taking Responsibility for the Corporate Ethics of a Company
  • Conflict Management in a Work Team
  • The Role of Women in Business Management
  • Issues that Affect Management of Business Start-ups
  • Consequences of Excessive Work in Business
  • Why You Should Start a New Business After One Fails
  • Importance of Inter-organizational Leadership and Networks
  • How to Manage Organizational Crisis in Business
  • Product and Service Development in a Strategic Alliance
  • Innovation and Network Markets as a Business Strategy
  • Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Conference DatesJuly 13th - 14th , 2021
Papers Submission Deadline18th June, 2021